Boat in the Planter

One of the lighting projects from last summer through Experience Oswego is the Boat in the Planter in front of the Experience Oswego building on West First and Bridge Streets.

The planter was the brain child of Kevin Rookey, local boat mechanic and lighting expert. Once again, like the Hearts on the Bridge, Kevin created the work and I took care of the logistics to make it happen. As it turned out, it received much more attention than either of us expected. 

The day after the boat was put in place, the sponsorship coordinator at Harborfest contacted Experience Oswego asking for a boat of their own filled with flowers for their upcoming gala; during that same week, Chantelle Manwaring, who works at Wright’s Landing, took the initiative to place small boat planters filled with flowers around the marina; and later that week, when the lieutenant governor of New York was in town, she took a photo of the Boat in the Planter and posted it to her Instagram page!

Thank you to everyone who positively commented or posted on social media and to those who spoke with Kevin or I directly for encouraging the project and looking for more. We’ll be sure to let you know when our next project is in the works.

The video below shows the boat with color-changing lights at night.

If you have any lighting project ideas for Oswego, call or text Experience Oswego at 315-704-8900 and let us know what they are. You might even get to see them come to fruition!