Office Rates

Below are the rates at Lighthouse Coworks  for temporary workspace, office space and business meetings. There are, and have been, various other ways of using the office space in Lighthouse Coworks, such as for interviews, Counseling, movie filming and photo shoots. The rates for these uses are very reasonable and are handled on an individual basis depending on the need, length of time and number of offices to be used. Call or text 315-670-7067 with any questions or special requests.

Temporary Workspace

  • $10/day or $100/month for an individual
  • $20/day or $200/month for use with clients

Office Rental

  • $400/month

Business Meetings

  • Meeting room
    • $30/day
  • Conference Room 
    • $50/day

Interested in checking out the office space layout? Click here.