SUNY Oswego

The State University of New York in Oswego is the most visited place in Oswego. Students from all over the world come to SUNY Oswego for student orientations; friends and family visit throughout the year; visiting scholars are invited to the campus on a regular basis and alumni come back on their own to enjoy their “old stomping grounds” or for alumni events.

If you fall into any of these categories, the Concierge has information and packages set up just for you! Give a call to 315-704-8900 to findout more!

STUDENTS – Whether you are coming for Admitted Student Days; Information Programs; Individual Appointments; Shadow Days or Group Visits; the Concierge can introduce you to the city of Oswego. You can choose to get to know certain places in Oswego intimately or sign up for the general tour and information package.

FRIENDS AND FAMILY – If you are a parent, a sibling or a hometown friend coming to visit a student, you are in good company. At most any given point in time, someone can walk around Oswego and meet a friend or family member of a student at SUNY Oswego. Give the Concierge a call to discover the fun things to do while you’re in town!

SCHOLARS – As a visiting scholar, your time to learn about Oswego is limited. Having a guide to help you get to know and feel comfortable in the town will be beneficial. The role of the Concierge begins where the responsibilities of your faculty host end.

ALUMNI – There are many reasons to come back to visit Oswego as an alum. The astonishing sunsets top the list for most but you may have more personal reasons like meeting family and friends at a your best-loved local restaurant, visiting on campus with your former professors or checking out your favorite downtown bar. Whatever your situation, the Concierge can help you plan your time in Oswego.