As a Concierge, my days from one to the next are never the same. Some of my adventures as of late include:

  • Delivering a carload of family possessions to a client who lives several hundred miles outside of Oswego.
  • Handling the details for a house cleanout and redo so a new tenant could move into a rental home.
  • Picking up tech items, such as computers, tablets and cell phones, having them fixed and then dropping them back off.
  • Planning an estate sale and staging for a house sale.
  • Searching for specific items for my clients, such as a coat rack and western paperbacks.
  • Handling the details for a large event outside of the area for a client in Oswego.
  • Accompanying a family around Oswego to give them a taste of the area for a possible move to the city.

Whether you are a resident from Oswego, a visitor to Oswego or a newcomer in Oswego, give me a call at 315-704-8900 or fill out the form below to see how I can serve you!

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