Coworking Growth

Coworking was largely used by freelancers when it first began. Small businesses now make up the largest portion of users. Recent growth has taken place by mobile corporate users, which is expected to increase to 35% within five years.

Lighthouse Coworks can accommodate each of these markets and has proven especially attractive to mobile corporate users as an alternative to restaurants, coffee shops and vehicles.

Local companies have also used the office space as an off-site alternative for projects.

Keep in mind that Lighthouse Coworks is equipped with a large screen TV, a printer/scanner, a paper shredder, extra laptops, oversized white boards and a tech on call 24 hours a day, which are all included in the cost.

For questions or to set up an appointment to see or use the space, call Ellen at 315-670-7067. 

Click here for rates. 

Graphic and content from Huffpost article “Coworking Grows in 2017” by Amanda Schnieder published on 07/24/17.